Beatbuilder saves files, but unable to find them

This is my first post!

I’m using Beatbuilder to create then save a .mid file in the BeatBuddy\user_lib\midi_sources folder.
However I can’t see them from windows explorer or BeatBuddy Manager.

Wierd! I’ve turned off my antivirus and firwall. Tried to save to Desktop. But no luck. I can restert the java app ‘BeatBuilder’ and the file were then weren’t in the ‘BeatBuddy\user_lib\midi_sources’ folder. Yet I can’t see them from windows!! I guess it’s a java issue.

Is this a known issue? No one else in the forum has had this problem.

Thank you


This problem still persists. However I’m reinstalled in a virtual machine using Vmware. It now works fine. I’m happy with that.

Thanks to
[SIZE=4] CharlesSpencer[/SIZE]

for writing the app.



Have not read of this issue on the forum. Thanks for sharing your observation and workaround.

Curious as to why you would save BeatBuilder files in your bbworkspace folder. Is this the BeatBuilder default? It sounds like the Java app is saving as an invisible file and that’s why you probably can’t find it. What did you name the MIDI file?

Just my opinion, but I would not save, move or copy files from other apps or the OS into your bbworkspace as the BBM has its own way of managing files (songs) and folders. It tends to “confuse” the BBM :confused:

Windows 10 and Mac’s Sierra may have security safeguards to deal what they think are security threats from Java–even if they’re benign.