Beatles pack

Anyone make head or tale of the Beatles pack especially strawberry fields, where are the 2/4 and 3/4 bars?
I’m guessing BB doesn’t do mixed time signatures? dreading All you need is love.

You can ‘fudge it’ if you ignore the onboard metronome…

31 pedal presses ? you would have to mime the song whilst keeping up with where you are.

Nah…you build it as stanzas…which is why you have to ignore the onboard metronome

This is what mine looks like

Ah yep…that way is a bit too complicated…

Any idea why it s coming out like that

That’s obviously the way it’s been made. I would have produced it as a OP file, or split it into complete verse and chorus structures rather than phrases so you don’t have to continually pedal dance

Yeh seems a bit crazy to me, it is quite complex song with the 6/4 and 3/4 sections but i couldn’t sing play and tap that out.

I’ll see if I can knock out a OP version, at least with that you can carve it up to suit if you wish

Sorry what is a OP version?
Do you have the pack and does your look like this?
I’m trying to edit it in logic x into a couple of sizeable chunks but its finding which bit goes where.

OP = One Press…it plays out from beginning to end with no pedal dancing. It is however the most inflexible method of using the BB

Hi Ronny
I’ve quickly built a set of files for ‘All You Need is Love’, with the drums only, drums and bass, and drums, bass and keys in the ‘One Press’ format. The working files are included so you can carve it up into stanzas or verse/chorus components if you want more flexibility.

I normally just post OPBk style files with the working midis so users can ‘carve them up’ how they would like.

Hope it helps

That would be great thanks.
'drums,bass and keys? I’ve fallen way behind with BB.

Hi did you ever get around to doing this for me?

Hi Ronnie

You’ll need both downloads

Hey Garry thanks for that will check it out.
Do you have the Strawberry fields track?