Beatles Package Purchased but not as expected

I purchased the Beatles package and cannot seem to understand how to get a song to play entirely. How do I combine the drum loops into one complete song. I get an intro and one fill but not the song. I see the sections are there but cannot figure out how to combine for a “song” Where can I get instructions on how to have the full song play start to finish??
I like the beat buddy but not impressed with manager…

Thank you


Didn’t come out the way i wanted it too.

None of the premium content BeatBuddy store Drum Beat collections are “One Press” songs. You will sometimes see “One Press” abbreviated as OP in these forums. OPB refers to a “One Press Bass” song - a one press song with bass.

The BeatBuddy was originally designed as a flexible drum machine that allowed the musician to be free in playing extended solos or timing breaks, fills, etc, rather than forcing the musician to always play the same song EXACTLY the same way. So rather than acting like a sequencer, of which there are many, where you sequence a song in its entirety, they designed it to be “part aware”, parts being Intro, Verse, Chorus, Fill, Transition, Outro. Randomized fills, randomized drum attacks, and “follow the band leader” behavior make the BeatBuddy more like a drummer than a drum machine or sequencer.

A while ago a limitation on the number of events per pattern was lifted. This allowed people to create a single very long pattern which allowed them to sequence entire songs so that the BeatBuddy would behave more like one of the many other sequencers currently available. These are called “one press” songs. You can find lots of user created one press songs in the download section of these forums, but the BeatBuddy does not yet “officially” support any one press songs.

It’s also possible to add bass sounds to a drum set, then use that drum set to play the songs, even one press songs, with a bass line. However, BeatBuddy has not yet released an official Drum with Bass (not to be confused with “Drum and Bass” which refers to a completely different thing) drum set. In order to use any of the OPB (One Press Bass) songs that you’ll find on this forum, you must also download or create a Drum with Bass drum set to play them with.

NOW…back to your original question. All of the OFFICIAL premium content BeatBuddy Drum Beats are designed with the idea that you will be doing the starting, stopping, triggering of fills and transitions, yourself. You have to learn which parts go with which part of each song and you have to learn how to “play” the BeatBuddy by using the proper tap at the proper time to transition through the song parts. I know it seems like a hassle, but that’s the way the BB works. As I said, it is possible to create a one press song, and even a one press song with bass, and the official BB people who monitor these forums have implied that the developers are currently working on providing built-in support for one press songs and bass, but it’s not there yet.

As an example of built in support for one press songs, users would be able to define automatic repeats and transitions between the sections rather than having to create a single long section. They could manually override the automatic transitions by using the standard tap controls. Again, we’re not there yet, but they’re definitely listening to users, so don’t give up on them just yet.

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THANK you for the very well written reply. AT no time did I see that the package I purchased for the Beatles and the Eagles were ONE PRESS. I would NOT have purchased these knowing that and now have paid for something I will not USE. Where can I submit a request for a refund? Again I appreciated your response but disappointed in learning that ONE PRESS is not available for what I wanted.

Now thats how you answer a question like this. Nice!