Beck Loser

Can someone please help with beck loser? the closes I can find is R&B 9 rock kit at 86BPM. It works but it’s not quite the groove.
Thank you

You might try googling for a midi to download. You could take that and extract the drums (and maybe the bass if you are into that (i am!)). That’s how I make almost all my songs now - disassembling and reassembling existing free midis into beat buddy songs.

I’d really like to be able to do that! Is there a tutorial on how you could point me to? teach a man to fish.

I have a Mac so I went through a number of midi editors before I found a combination that seemed to do what I needed. Reaper is very powerful, but of course, more complicated, so I also use Aria Maestosa. If you use Reaper, you have to download a couple plugins. get the 4front bass module, and the MTPowerDrumKit.[ATTACH]1146[/ATTACH] To activate the plugins, see that little green button on the two tracks at the top that looks like an “on” switch? Click that, and for the bass track, select the bass, and drum track, the drums.

In the lower part, you can see the midi editor for the bass line. I have already moved the bass up to “E4 64”, where the bass notes in the kit start. So at the top there, there are two tracks, one for bass and one for drums. You can chop out parts of these to save as loops. If you are doing your final edit, you’ll want to make sure you save them to a single track. Once you get your loops, you can see the video tutorial on constructing the bb song in bb manager.

Also, check out Aria for doing editing. It has a simpler interface, but I didn’t find anywhere where you could export the two tracks and merge them into one. You could probably cut and paste using its editor, but that probably wouldn’t give you what you want.

Just google for the midi. There are a number of midi sites out there.,, etc. The midis have a wide varying degree of qualities though :slight_smile: Some excellent, some terrible.

I forgot to add: You need to get Guitar Stu’s Drums with Bass kit in order to do bass songs! Check out his postings–he has some good posts for tutorial and for songs that he has created.