Before Beat Buddy and After Beat Buddy...

Though I’d post my music. As a new(ish) musician I’m learning the art of song creation and I’m posting my first track done before Beat Buddy and the one after. My intent is to sonically illustrate how the Beat Buddy’s ease of use casually invited me to extend myself as a musician and hopefully the results will speak for itself.

Apparently we can’t embed from soundcloud so here are the links.

Before:[/URL] was uploaded about 7 months ago and [URL=‘’]After: uploaded just now.

Enjoy and comments/suggestions appreciated!

The amount of distortion is superb!
Was the rhythm of “Before” intentionally so lacerated, especially in the beginning? It is very audible how the second “After” variant sounds much much better.

Nice job, @echoraven!

Thanks for the compliment!
If I remember correctly the first track I just used presets on GarageBand. On the after track, I dialed in my tone (as I did on the unboxing video).
The distortion was a delightful combination of the overdrive section of a Pigtronix Disnortion going into a Vox Saturator, the 2nd take (if I remember correctly) was a Pigtronix PolySaturator. On the next track I’m using a Hydra an extreme fuzz (difficult to tame) by a boutique builder (Screeching Owl Electronics). I record 2 different distortion tones and blend them.
To self critique the track a bit, the guitar lacks lower midrange. Need to massage my eq a bit to not cut the lows so severely.
Hopefully it’s good enough for the Beat Buddy facebook page!

That exact lack of midrange is what makes this recording sound great for my ears. To be honest, I don’t get the overall idea and feel of the track. Sounds like some raw patterns that need polishing, but the distortion is huge and sounds sweet to me. If I were you, I wouldn’t change that, but to each his own I suppose :slight_smile:

Your right.
As a musician taking the next step of song creation as opposed to just noodling with the guitar, so each new song I issue myself a challenge. The first one was literally survive a transition and have more than one guitar on it, mission accomplished. With the 2nd track, I wanted to do something that was full length; like a normal song, dial in my own tone and add something interesting to keep it from merely being repetitive and I think I’ve accomplished that. I also wanted to showcase what a song writing companion the Beat Buddy has been for me.
With the next one, I’m hoping to use the Beat Buddy more as an “instrument” as opposed to just backing track which calls for trickier “timing” from my part as and to use one of my harder to tame pedals (Screeching Owl: Hydra).
I will keep your comments in mind, it’s giving me food for thought so again thank you!