Please where can i find beguine beats?

Can someone help me find beguine beats

Bequine.sng (743.6 KB)
This beat is the Bequine beat #1 in charter

With Groove Scribe easy to make and test own beats and then export as mifi file

Thanks but I need something like this

I think there is a Beguine in the DR-880 beats that I have posted previously. Also @Persist, I’m pretty sure there is a midi for Begin the Beguine available. If you want one, let me know. I am tied up on other paying projects, or I’d do it.

Thank you for the quick answer and I am sorry to be late with mine. Anyway, I bought Beat buddy a month ago and everything is still new for me. I am slowly figuring all the possibilities, features and rithms I could use. I need this Beguine rithm (or something similar to the one from youtube video I posted earlier in the comments) and I don’t know if it exists in the Singular sound collection. If it does, can you please tell me how and where can I find/buy it.

If you’re looking for the exact Beguine rythym and note-for-note beats and instrumentation as in your Youtube video, I’m not sure you’re going to find it as user-created content (or at least until Phil_Flood finishes his other projects).

What I would suggest instead is that you carefully listen to the previews for the Latin genre beats (Default Content) and Premium collections and you can decide if any of them get you closer to what you are looking for:

Thank you for your suggenstions, I’ll try them and figure what fits the best. Also, I hope Phil_Flood will include that rythm in one of his next projects.

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I’ll have something posted up tomorrow. I found the DR-880 files, but they are quite minimal. I have a fairly good midi for the Julio Iglesias version of Begin the Beguine, and I can make a drum file from it. (19.8 KB)

The attached zip file contains a collection of 26 midi parts for use in creating Beguines, and a .pbf file with 5 sample songs created from these parts. Unzip the file. To import the songs, from BBM select File>Import>Folder, and then select the “Beguines.pbf” file. All of the sample songs I created use the Standard Pro drumset. This set provides a good collection of standard drums along with the Latin kit pieces needed for these songs. If you do not have it already, please purchase it from Singular.

Thank you for your help, I’ll definitely try it out.

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I actually took the time watch your video example today. It’s quite good. Let me know how the stuff I posted works out, and if you still need something that matches the video, I feel like I could work that up without too much effort.

I tried your drum beats, but unfortunately none of them worked for me, I felt like it doesn’t actually match the video. I would like to have something very similar or the same to the one in the video. I was surprised that that beat wasn’t already in any Beat buddy collection because it can be played with many songs. I would really appreciate if you could try making it. Thank you for your time and effort.

Try this. You can add the song to the Beguines folder. That is doen with File>Import>Song and then select the Beguine video sng file. The midi parts are provided for further experimentation.

Beguine video song and (6.0 KB)

Thank you for your help. I am not really good in midi programing, but I’ll try something out.

So the last .sng didn’t work? I thought I matched the video pretty well.