Behavior of 500+ Songs with Fills

I have a question about the playing of songs as one loop for the whole song; taking advantage of lifting of the 500 note limit. If you have such a song and you introduce a fill during playback what happens when the fill ends? Does it go back to the beginning of the song? Or does it pick up from where it left off? If the latter, is it possible that the song can become out of sync with itself? In other words the fill introduces extra beats depending on the length.
Thanks, Tom

Best guess, yes, it restarts the main loop, since that is the native behavior.


I believe you are correct. Soon, we’ll have autopilot, so we won’t have to have song-length loops… we can break the loops into parts, then program the pedal to play the parts through. That would allow you to play the song through to the solo–loop that forever until you say end–then play on to the end of the song.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Been playing midi songs that don’t last too long for the lead and having a way to loop the lead section is a dream come true for this guitar player :slight_smile:

This is my variation for banditt11’s issue. You have a song that is structured as follows: 1) All of the song before the lead break > 2) the lead break, which varies as to the number of times through its loop that you want to go > 3) everything in the song after the lead break. Without the 500 note limit, this is simple to accomplish. Part one get loaded into the “intro fill.” It doesn’t matter how long it is. Part 2 becomes the one and only main loop. Part three is the outro fill. You tap to start the song, and later when you reach then end of your extended lead break, you double tap to go through the part to the end of the song.

WOW. Thank you Phil. That is the progression I was looking for. I like that 500 note limit gone.