Behringer FCB1010+BeatBuddy+G-Major/2

Hello everyone!

I’m going to try the midi chain with 3 devices:
What I want is to control BeatBuddy and G-Major with FCB1010, so I’m going to connect FCB midi out to BB midi in and BB midi out with GM midi in, will it work? As I see, BB can forward CC messages to midi out port, so GM will get it. In that way I could change parameters on both devices with FCB only.
And another importnant question for me is that will BB be able to set the tempo to GM by midi sync? I’m afraid it may be a problem cause of master-slave modes, but I’m not sure.
This is my first midi meeting, so I’m a totally noob. I’ve got BB and GM at now, and I’m thinking about FCB to buy, would you help me with these questions, please?

Hey there, we have noticed BB can in some cases sends a double clock to a unit slaved to it in a chain when it is also slave, which will be fixed in beta 3.9.x (already fixed in 3.9.3 but it had other issues).

Let me know if you experience any issues in your setup

It would also be possible to disable MIDI sync from FCB and use it only as a controller until we finish the 3.9.x release (should be soon, a matter of weeks).

Keep rockin’!

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