Best Amp for Beat Buddy

Hi everyone,
Asking for advice. I play in a duo (not huge venues) and at moment we use 2 street cube ex for vocals, guitar and beat buddy. Sounds ok but thinking of something else for BB. Have a PA but too big for duo, thinking of amp dedicated to BB to have behind us.
Question is 50w? Do I go for a bass or guitar amp? What do you suggest, any advice appreciated.

Full range amp and speakers such as thru a PA is fine. Forum users have reported favorably on keyboard amps such as Roland and Behringer. If you’re playing small venues, users say nice things about the Simmons drum monitor. Me? I like the thump of a 15” speaker from a k/b amp.

The Alto TS series will also work quite well, and they are fairly cheap. Even the TS-210 (I have a pair of their predecessor TS-110) will do, but you’ll get more thump out of the TS-212 for not a lot more size.


Second the keyboard amp . I’am using the Peavey KB1, think it is 20 amps, works well . $138.99 all in .

I used to have a Harbinger V2112 powered speaker. It had a 12 inch woofer and a tweeter and a little built-in mixer. It was rated at 600w but I think that’s was probably a stretch. It was pretty compact and easy to carry, and it had a nice thump as a dedicated Beat buddy amp. I picked it up used at Guitar Center for $80.

I’m using the Roland PM10, 30 watts Vdrum-amp , mostly one in mono and sometimes two in stereomode


Just picked up a Bose S1 Pro, battery operated. It is expensive, but sounds very good. It is hard to believe something so small sounds so good. We are a duo too, except we run everything through the S1 via a small portable mixer.

I have one of these and it is great for this.

I’d go for a ‘stick’ PA for a duo - like the Bose L1 or the JBL EON One. Position that to the center rear of you and your partner and you’ll have a great monitor and area of sound around you. If you need to go louder, run an out to a PA or front of house system.

+1 for the Simmons DA 200s drum set monitor. Sounds great.

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Yeah, not sure what it is about the Roland Cubes, but it’s never sounded good on them here in the Singular Sound office either. One of the guys plays his through a Fender Rumble 100 and that sounds pretty clean. A nice thump to the kick and high fidelity for the high hats. We also have a Yamaha PA system that it sounds good on here in the office.

Using an Alto Trouper on stand for BB and vocals along with a Fishman Mini LB for guitar.