Best BB drumkit for live use

Hey all. Just curious for those of us using the BB in a live situation. What do you consider is the BEST live sounding drumset to run through a PA (mainly for rocky acoustic style) but also for some electric playing? I’m really curious to see others opinions on this.

I built my own based on the original Standard kit. Basically gated and tuned the toms and adjusted a couple of levels the way I would if I were mixing a lively acoustic kit live. I like the Standard kit – it sounds great on it’s own – but the toms are a bit too over the top for live use. You can find it here if you want to try it:



Shameless self-promotion: If you want to hear it in action, here it is on my duo’s YouTube playlist:



Thanks @JoeInOttawa. The video sounds wicked. Nice work and I love your drinking tube! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sahring this kit. I’ll go through and have a look at it.

This is exactly the stuff I want to hear! :+1:

When you sing and play guitar and drums in a duo, where it’s difficult to keep the energy going on the dance floor with just two guys, you have to avoid pauses in the action. So the giant silly straw turns out to be a really important piece of gear.


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It’s a great idea! Love it!

My band with acoustic guitar, keyboard and bass, has been performing live using the Ballad drum set. Have about 70 songs that I have edited for one touch performances. Good middle of the road sound that fits most songs. I switch to Rock kit for a few songs with higher energy levels.


This thread caused me to think about our 5 years of BB use (don’t worry I’ve condensed that to those you can hear live recordings of). You’ll see the stock beats have worked well and as noted I, like so many, have benefit by tutoring from JoeInOttawa, Phil (Richmond) , Phil Flood and of course our patient moderator Persist along the way.

Kit summary
*”Rock-based” my modification of JoeinOttawa’s kit combined with Phil Flood’s work is more reverb/wet than Std (1.1). Std Pro is softer

Versions of songs recorded live are at:

Songs titles preceded by ‘>’ are also on the YouTube channel:

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I’ve been using the Reggae Drumset and Beat which I bought from the Singular Sound website for about $35 I think. I tried using it recently live and out for an event with 200 people. Got positive feedback about drumkit. I think BB sound quality is great in general. Like in any live situation, it all comes to how good the PA system in any venue you’re playing to. If the PA system in a venue and the sound guy knows what he is doing then your sound will be good.

Here’s a sample of what I do:

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Thanks everyone for your feedback and demos. It’s really appreciated. :+1:

Our band is just doing now. The sound is great on our PA LD System Maui 28 G2. The price is not too high to invest for your band.
Yim, Bangkok/Thailand

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Just going to have to keep playing around with the EQ a bit to see what I can get. Makes it tricky running the bass through the BB as well.

I’ve found the Standard kit fits most stuff - occasionally I use the Studio Legend, with only one song using Standard Pro (only because of the additional percussion sounds).
I considered trying to make up my own kit based on my favourite sounds and using some of the sounds from my DAW. Not quite found the time yet though!

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I really appreciate all the feedback here guys. Awesome.

So here’s another curly question. For those using Drums and Bass in a live setting what sort of EQ are you finding works best to keep the instruments separated?

If you don’t want to tweak around we find the Rock Kit is best universally for everything, it keeps a natural vibe to shows. Jazz Kit is nice for Ska tunes. EQ n Reverbs can be done on your desk, Gated Verb just enough level wise to sit above the full band mix works for us. Make sure the bass drum stands out EQ wise, it can sound loud checked on its own but i find once every one kicks in it can vanish, so maybe exaggerate it at soundcheck. That’s thru Mackie Thumps 15"

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This is great info Bob. Yeah I’m using the Rock V2 Bass 62-91 as I prefer the sound. Thanks for sharing your tips. Got any videos of you your band playing to hear?

I like the variety of different kits throughout the night. I recommend trying different kits per song & find what fits the mood & style of the song. Most of the kits are really good & useful. I will say, I tend to like the newer kits better, maybe because they’re new? The new Gretsch kit is awesome, and I also love the Vintage Ludwig. I also use Standard Pro a lot, and still use Standard on a bunch. But I’ve found that in certain songs, kits I wouldn’t expect to work can really change the vibe of the song, i.e. Phil Collins & John Bonham kit. Experiment, play, have fun, add variety.

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