Best cables to use to hook up Beat Buddy to a PA?

Also, I’ve never run anything in stereo. Does it add to the sound to run two cables out in stereo?

Thanks for any advice you can give!

Also, is a 12-gauge cable adequate enough? Thanks!

With many drum kits, it won’t make a difference. However,some kits with Bass were recorded such that the drums are all in one side and the bass is in the other. This was done to allow separate processing of drum and bass signals. For those kits, you need to use both outputs. If you do not, you will hear bass or drums, but not both.

BB drums do allow for stereo processing. I have heard crash cymbals either processed for the left side or for the right side. Stock B.B. kits, and those purchased from Singular, are center panned. That is, the same sound comes out of the left and the right.

It may benefit you to use both the right and left outputs to get a stereo signal. But, if you are not using User created kits, you should not hear a difference.

Patch cables will work fine.

You can always check with headphones plugged in to see if its mono/stereo/panned?

Patch cables? What length? The BB will have to be on the floor near me, away from the PA.

The patch cable length is dependent on the distance between the BB and the PA or whatever you’re going to plug it into? Are you using a mixer?