Best connection to small mixer

Hi All,
Can anybody tell me what the best connection to a small PA (Yamaha Stagepass 600) would be? Looking for longest cable option. Any help would be appreciated.

Any link to cable would be great!

FYI, my BB didn’t work at all with shipped SD card. Bought a new one and downloaded project and firmware update and it worked fine. I also had the issue of BB losing power when shipped USB cable plugged in. I use SD slot on computer so no worries.The real weird issue? There was a rattle to the case.Opened it up and there was a small white connecter floating around inside the case…removed it. All seems to be working fine.


Read the thread here which is for a Stagepass 500, but will be similar…but I don’t understand why the question, are you having an issue with the way you are currently connecting it? You just use two line Jack inputs, or one if you only want mono, if it is too quiet then use the Jack input on one of the mic channels.

No no issues yet. Haven’t got to the PA yet. Still messing with the software :slight_smile: Just wondering what would be the best option for sound and longest cable to mixer option. Great gadget - love it!!!

Pardon my lack of technical skills. What should sound the best to a small PA?

  1. One line out from headphone out (split to L & R rca) to channel on mixer.
  2. One (line-level) from MONO (L) to one channel (L MONO) on mixer.
  3. Two (line-level) from both L & R to both L & R on channel at mixer.

Should they all sound the same? What is the best (strongest) signal?
FYI, I have not tried it yet. Leaving it to the pros here! :wink:

Stereo always sounds better. If both options were available to me, I would prefer Stereo.
I wouldn’t use headphones jack as a primary output, as it is designed to be best with headphones :slight_smile:

Option 3. I do that very same connection type when using my Akai EIE Pro as a mixer.

Stereo sounds great with headphones because it can simulate how we naturally hear in most environments. Take for example a drummer wailing away acoustically on stage… it’s really a mono sound source that we hear in stereo because we have two ears. What we hear in each ear is different because of the listening environment and our positioning. With headphones, the natural environment and positioning go away, so you need to simulate that stuff, and you really can’t do that effectively without separate control over a left and right channel.

In a live environment with a single PA speaker, no matter what you send it, it’s still a mono source of audio for the listeners. When you start adding multiple speakers, let’s say a left and a right, now you have something that you can work with in terms of manipulating each channel in different ways to achieve a multitude of effects for the listener. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, but if you have the hardware to take advantage of stereo, go for it. As for a 1/4 inch or a 1/8 inch feed, stick to the standard 1/4 inch. The fewer the adapters the better off you’ll be.