Best drum app for smartphones

Can anyone recommend a drum app for iPhone? (I’d like to use the Beat buddy manager of course, but that can’t be installed on smartphones, I believe.)

If you are looking for an app that generates drum rhythms: I use Rock Drum Machine on iPad, also for iPhone. But, if you are looking for an alternative for Beat Buddy Manager, my suggestion won’t do it.

I liked the Session Band series very much before BB. There are several Modules with pretty good samples from really good drummers.


Thanks for the replies, all. I’m trying out the Rock Drum Machine. - For my current purposes, the main drawback seems the relatively limited genres.
I think I may start a new thread for people to express interest in some sort of Beat Buddy phone app.

Try downloading the Hydrogen Drum Maker. Awesome but like everything else, you need to put a little time into it. You can create any drum beat you wish with it.