BEST MIDI controller Options for the AEROS

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Hi friends,
Anybody have good solutions for controlling the AEROS with a midi Controller
Let’s start with say FADERS/Track Volume with a hand held controller?

I see the CC#s have been implemented in this recent update so it’s possible now.

If you didn’t have a 5 Pin Midi Controller (usually not available on smaller devices)
One would need some kind of
Midi to USB conversion
(Midi In to Aeros)-<-- (Conversion Unit) <— USB Controller

I found this
But it’s got pretty sketch reviews from what I can see.

I’m surprised there is not a unit that does this easily.
I have the Midi Expander by KMI (Keith Macmillan) for my softstep, but it only works with KMI products

Love to hear what you have found!

I use a Morningstar MC6 Pro to control my Aeros and it works great!

I use Hotone Ampero control. Wish it had nice display windows instead of phone app, but it is low cost. Was $89 on Amazon.

Nice, i just looked it up it looks similar to the Midi Maestro… How are the Clickers, do you find them loud? I am mostly in ambient situations so quiet is important. It looks solid was hoping for something with Faders!..

Thanks looked it up, looks nice and streamlined, how loud are the buttons, loud clicking sound?
Can you control the volume of faders with the phone app window?

When trying to midi map the RC600… someone told me you could do it via it’s USB in to Phone using Ableton OSC app or something have yet to try it but sounds promosing!

I used to use the MIDI Maestro and swapped it out for the MC6 Pro. I would say the switches on the MC6 Pro are quieter than the MM, although they’re not completely silent. I don’t recall them “clicking” when pressed, so definitely not loud to me. Obviously this device costs more than the Hotone that Rich mentioned…it just depends on what you’re needs are I guess.

It allows two external trs controllers, could be a single, double, or fader. Buttons are not loud but I added toppers to make more foot friendly. So 4 buttons with 2 faders, 6 buttons with 1 fader, or 4-8 buttons. Buttons don’t click so I’d say same as Aeros. I’ll verify and comment if different. Wouldn’t the best solution be a singular sound MIDI Maestro. They may not always be fast with changes but you always know they’re still on it and listening unlike most vendors.

MC6 Pro. Nice display, lots of inputs, outputs, switch, expression support, very powerful configuration/flexibility,and sized right for me