Best Practice to save songs

Just starting to work with entire songs and downloaded them on BB. I know they work because I used them but I can t find them on my BB now. Obviously I didn’t have good way of saving songs (in a file i assume that) is easily found. I do remember the 4 songs I tried being at the end of a list of other beats on my BB.

What is the best way to store / retrieve new song files on BB. Any Advice/

I would say in your BB project on the computer, don’t know how you copied your songs to the BB, but I do it with the BBmanager. I create a project in the BBm that is saved on the computerand, when I’m finished I synchronize with the SD card of the BB. That way you always have a copy. To find a song in the BB is much more complicated because every song has a specific number, in the songs directory of your project there is a file named config.cvs, this file contains the number and the names of the songs. So to find a song you’ll have to look in that file. Here’s an example afbeelding. In this case you see the directories, in the directory there is another config.cvs file which contains the songs, but the names are changed in a number and the extention is BBS instead of SNG. If you want you can copy it and change the name and extention, you’ll have the original song back. Hope this makes sence.

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Thanks. the good news I get most of it and the BB Manager I am using. the bad news is I’d like to be more intuitive. LOL! i just need to be more organized. Thanks for your response.