Best sad card

What is the best sd card for using as a backup for the premium library an embedded one or the adeptor type.

If it is going to be used only as a backup for the Premium Library Content, you probably need a card only the size of the contents of that content. So if the content is 4Gb, a 4Gb Class 10 SDHC card will work. Since it’s a backup only, lock the card with the slide on the side of the card. You should be able to use the micro size SD card in an adaptor but I’ve never tried it.

The largest capacity card that will work with the BB pedal is a 32Gb Class 10 SDHC card. New cards are already formatted and ready for use.

Hi Persist, for your information, I’m using a micro SD card in an adapter without any problems.

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Ok I’m looking to buy from singular the premium library and do a direct download, is 64 gb enough.

Too much.

32Gb is the largest capacity the BeatBuddy pedal will recognize. The Premium Content library is probably 4 to 5Gb.

If you’re using it strictly for backup and do not intend to use it in the BB, why not store it in a separate folder on your computer instead?

I want to use the whole thing in one go.

32Gb is more than enough then.