Best SD cards for BeatBuddy (BB) pedal?

I’m having the same issues with my new SD cards. I bought Lexar SDHC series 10, 95 mbs/sec, 32 GB. When I put them in after loading the content, it always says, NO SONGS. The original SD cards works every time after I export the project from BBM. Can I purchase some SD cards from SS? What to do?

Lexar brand SD cards are expensive and most likely for video cameras and that might be the reason they don’t work with your BeatBuddy (BB). You could try formatting them to MS-DOS (FAT32) to see if that helps.

If that doesn’t work, try something like these Micro Center 32GB SD Card Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card - Micro Center

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Please let us know how you resolved your issue as it may help other users with similar questions.

I use a Lexar 95mbs/sec and work fine

Didi you try to format and import the original BB files first, and check this on your BB
to see if it’s work, you can sync your project after the check too see what’s happen

I have been using SanDisk Extreme Pro (95mb/s) for several months without any problem.

Something to be aware of is the possibility of counterfeit/fake SD cards which may be sub-performing lookalikes of the real thing. Buy from a reputable well known seller. I would probably avoid eBay altogether and if Amazon, buy from Amazon as the seller and not a 3rd party. A counterfeit may not be the problem you are having, but something to consider depending where you bought it from.

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