Best tool for making songs for the BeatBuddy?

Hey all,

I just started playing more with my beatbuddy and writing songs for it. I’ve noticed that a lot of the songs on this forum use one giant loop, but I’m interested for practicing reasons in breaking up songs in separate sections (so I can easily go back to the start of a section).

Can anyone recommend a good editor for midi/daw/scores that will let me write out the entire song so I can see it all in one place (and save it to one file), but will also easily let me name sections of it so I can easily export it into multiple midi files from one place? Or is there another recommended way to create loops for it?

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Cakewalk by Bandlab is full featured and free. just sign up to Bandlab and you’re golden. No hidden gotchas.

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I use Cubase LE but pretty much any of the above mentioned will do it. :+1: