Best Upright Bass Sound for Bluegrass etc.?

Hi! I see there are a few upright bass kits available for the Beat Buddy. Thank You to everyone who has made these kits for us to use! I have a few questions about upright bass with the Beat Buddy.

1 Which “drum kit” has the best upright bass sound for bluegrass music?
2 Why does my upright bass sound distorted on a track I made for the song “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”? It’s a very subtle distortion, but it is there. I am using the “NP brushes upright 63_91” kit to play my midi file. Any ideas? .sng file attached
3 Where can I download the “NP brushes upright 63_91” drum kit? I seem to have lost the mapping documentation.

Thanks! Hopefully @Phil Flood will help me out :slight_smile:

  1. I would go with NP Brushes Upright 0-31. But, there are as many answers to this question as there are upright kits.
  2. Phil made NP Brushes Upright 63-91 from JiveJong’s Brushes Upright kit. JiveJong recorded his bass samples very “hot”, that is, close to the clipping limits. This was very noticeable on the P_Bass kit. I suspect the same thing happened on the Upright samples, and when Phil adjusted the mapping to 63-91, there was no way to correct a distorted sample. Once it’s distorted, it stays distorted.
  3. Much to my surprise, I do not have NP Brushes Upright 63-91 in my collection. Actually, it’s not a real big surprise, as I generally do not at all like the 63-91 mapping. I have a 0-31 kit that I would use when I want an upright bass. The links to the kit 63-91 kit in Resources are no longer active. Presumably whoever had them posted either cleared them from their Dropbox account or no longer has a Dropbox account. I am sure someone else has the kit and may be willing to post a link to it.

When I finish my current projects, I will build a muted bass kit using the Logic Muted bass. It’s about the 6th thing on my list currently.

Thanks @Phil Flood !
1 I downloaded this one. Is that correct?
2 Got it! makes sense.
3 Ok, so that’s what the 63-91 refers to? I see! Interesting
4 Hey, I’m willing to pay to have specific kits built if you’re interested? I’m not sure I can afford you, but I’d like to find out how much you would charge :slight_smile: