Best way to connect the BB pedal to a mixer at Line Level?

My current TEST SETUP:
I am using two TS cables from the BB into an Ebtech (LLS-2-XLR) 2-Channel Line Level Shifter’s -10 dBV jacks.

(I know that is not its intended purpose - which is why I’m posting this question.)

Ebtech 2-Channel (LLS-2-XLR) Owners Manual Link:

Then, from each channel of the Ebtech’s +4dBu jacks, I’m patching it via two TS cables into the L/R of a stereo channel on my Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX mixer. My guitar is being run separately into another channel of the mixer.

Is there a more “correct” way to boost/balance the BB’s output signal going into a mixer so it hits the mixer at Line Level?

If not… and since the Ebtech automatically converts from -10 dBV to +4dBu AND from Unbalanced to Balanced, should I use two balanced, TRS cables into the L and R inputs of the stereo channel on the mixer?

What are the actual specs of the output levels of the BB pedal?

Because the BB has a robust output level, I find this (Ebtech) solution to work pretty well to boost the input signal and balance it before it hits the mixer… and an Ebtech Tech Support guy seemed to agree it would not hurt anything to try it this way. I just wondered if any audio engineers out there would have a more textbook style solution.

PS - This mixer has two Instrument Level channels, but I want to use those for guitar/bass.



Were you having a problem that led you to try the Ebtech box?

I see no reason to use the Ebtech box unless there is substantial length of cable between the BB and the mixer that a balanced connection may reduce possible noise. I’ve used my own BB straight into a stereo channel of a similar mixer without issue with TS cables. The stereo inputs of the ZEDi-10FX can accept a balanced TRS connection, but they are not what I consider a true balanced differential input by design (if the block diagram is a true representation).
As the Ebtech Tech guy said, “It won’t hurt anything”.

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Not necessarily a problem, but even with the BB volume at 100%, the signal to noise ratio was too high for me.

When I ran it thru the Ebtech, it boosted the signal significantly and gave me a much better input signal going into the NanoCompressor once I hooked that unit into the signal path.

Thanks for you replay,


Since the Ebtech is solving your problem, that’s a great way to go. If you signal was too hot with the Ebtech, I was going to recommend a clean boost like the TC Spark, although you might need one for each channel. I use one on my board, pre-compressor, like you are doing with the Ebtech.

What noise did you experience? Is it a hum or are you missing high/low end?

I run my BB direct into a Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB on one of the Line channels. It sounds just fine to my ears.

It sounds like you may have a different problem. I’m also running directly out of the BB (L R) into two line inputs on an audio interface which is then routed to a PA system. The system is plenty hot (I always need to turn it down in the mix) and is clear and noise free.