Best way to fix a stuck bass note repeating at song end

‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ - independent of drumkit used and no sign in REAPER of a reason why a single note continues to loop after the song has ended when played on the pedal and on BBM(L) 1.7.

Any ideas (other than trapping it with my volume pedal). Only song I’ve run into where this happens of the 100s I’ve tinkered with.

Is this my version?

Believe it is.

Yeah, check my other reply.

Can’t_Find_My_Way_Home.sng (14.7 KB)

This has the corrected Null. If you have other songs with a looping note at the end, replace the null with the Null from this song.

Thx again. Interesting since i liberally sprinkle nulls around - perhaps having put one in the ‘outro fill’ section caused the problem?

So, just to recap, what happens when you hear a “stuck note” is the the Null file, i.e., whatever is being called the “Main Loop” of an OPB song with the song body in the Intro, has some been written or altered to have a note with a velocity that is loud enough to be easily audible. The fix is to 1) make the null file midi note a Velocity 1 note, and 2) if at all possible, make sure the note is triggering a blank note (unsupported note) in the drum kit. Most of my drum kit have a blank somewhere in the 32, 33 or 34. But on a few kits, I have no open spaces. For those you want the velocity 1 note to be on a very soft sound, like a closed hat.