Best way to handle making songs with many varying parts

New BB user here. Starting to plan some songs that have multiple varying parts (Not counting fills). I think I already know the answer to this question, but I will ask anyways.

If I understand correctly, for main song parts they can only go in order such as part 1 - Verse, to Part 2 - Chorus, and then repeat to Part 1. If I have a song with 4 distinct parts , is there any way to go from Part 3, back to 1 without going through 4? It seems the only work around is create multiple parts even if dups of a prior part just to get the order right…

Am I understanding this correctly?

Generally, yes. If you had a song that was verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, verse, chorus, outro, you could get away with just 4 main parts, as after the 2nd chorus, the song could loop back to verse 1. But, no, you can’t skip from main loop 3 back to main loops 1 or 2 in a song with 4 main loops. The only option are to continue to main loop 4, or to move on to the outro.