Best way to hook-up BB to mixer or amp?

What kind of cable is best to hook-up BB to mixer with? shielded or unshielded or patch cords, speaker cable, guitar cable,double-ring, single ring etc.?

Shielded instrument cable, sometimes called guitar cable. I would avoid speaker cables, even though they look identical, they’re not. If you’ve got a longer run, you can also go into a direct box and then run an XLR to the board.

Thanks scudd.

You have to always use “Shielded Cable” with any and all input signals. The only time you use “Unshielded Cable” is for “Output Circuits” such as “Speaker Cable”. If you make up your own cables like I do, strip the wire back to “Know” what kind of cable you have. It looks the same on the outside so be careful. I use “Beldon” brand cable. It is good stuff with a decent price and is shielded very well. The “Monster Cable” is OK too if you can afford it. Be prepared to pay $30 and up even for a short run. Don’t use “Cheap Cable” either, you will suffer the damages. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker. P.S. Use “Switchcraft” brand or better for your connectors. It doesn’t pay to use the cheaper stuff and you can also “re-use” the better brands over and over.