Best way to hook up to computer


Hello Everyone,
I just received my BeatBuddy yesterday, and was messing around with using my powered monitors that I use with my Guitar Rig setup. Although it sounds and works great, using it this way prevents me from plugging in and using my guitars. With that said, my question is, what is the best way to hook up the BeatBuddy to your computer (PC)? Am I to just get one of those adaptors, and run it through my sound card, or is there something basic that I’m missing?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Can’t you just plug your guitar into the BB, then the BB into the monitors?

If you need the computer to also go to the monitors, then you should probably have a mixer of some sort to take your 3 audio sources and output to your one monitor.

Another option is to use some sort of USB interface: Google is your friend here:


so you wanna record something with BB?


I think i was just making it more complicated than it needed to be. If i were to plug into the BB, then from it to GuitarRig/Monitors, it would sound horrible, as it would be running through whatever Amps/Effects I wanted to use at the time. All i ended up doing was plug the BB into my PC via a inexpensive mini headphone cable, running from the headphone out on the BB, right to the back of my PC. No additional software needed, and with the 5.1 speaker set up i already had, it sounds perfect… and it allows me to still use GuitarRig. Thank you for your input.


I tried this setup last night - audio cable from BB headphone out to mic/line in on my laptop - but it was unacceptably noisy. Anyone else have that experience?

In fact, I spent a good amount of time last night listening to the BB with headphones, and I was surprised at how much extra noise there was in the signal. It only seems to be on the headphone out - line output to USB interface was fine. Have I just got a noisy headphone jack on my BB?


Couple questions regarding the Beatbuddy and recording via pc. Does the USB allow to patch into a DAW or is the MIDI cable required/recommended if one wishes to add a Beatbuddy drum track. I have a USB interface adapter, but we’re still trying to deal with latency issues via guitars/mic. Based on the topic, which optional out/in would best work with actually creating a Beatbuddy drum track? (Me & a friend are just delving into DAW home recording, so bear with us with the n00b inquiry’s) :wink: