Best way to send a click to a drummer from Aeros/Beat buddy rig

Hi I have a beat buddy connected to an Aeros via midi.

My Band now has a real drummer with an electronic kit that has a line-in on the module so what I’d like to do is send a click to that module so he can then listen to that on headphones.

Would I be best to do this by taking an output from the headphones of the beatbuddy using a click pattern that I program in, or get the click from the aux out on the Aeros?

What would be the best and easiest for live use?




If you are not using the BB for drums, using it as a click track and clock is a great idea. I would use the click from the Beat Buddy itself, as long as you are using the BB as a master clock to the Aeros.

Hi there. Yeah am using bb as clock for Aeros. Ok, yeah will try that first then. Wondering also actually whether to just take the headphones straight out to the drummer rather than going from bb headphones into the drum module first. What do you think?

I would make a click midi file that suits the drummer, unless the metronome ones are already Ok. Them, run the BB audio out to the drummer via the headphones.