Best way to Use Aeros and BB with a Boss Katana 100 MkII

Just sold all my amps and bought a Boss Katana 100MkII, new to this type of amp and wanted to know from users of the same on what is he best way to configure and use this amp wit the Aeros/Beat Buddy.
Thank you

Hey there,

The Boss Katana 100mkII is not recommended for use with the BeatBuddy, you will get the most out of using a full range amp when using the BeatBuddy. Look for a bass, keyboard or PA speaker for the BeatBuddy, this will sound best.

The Boss Katana would be recommended to come after the Aeros, though it seems there’s a line out on the back. It may be this signal is quite loud, as it is post the pre amp in the katana amp. You could check to see how it behaves when going into the Aeros. If it is too loud you could put a volume pedal in the middle to lower the volume into the Aeros.

The benefit of the line out is it will have all the effects of the amp recorded into the Aeros but the down side is you need somewhere to plug the audio once it leaves the Aeros from the Amp if you do this, you would need a PA/Gtr Speaker to receive the audio and play it back.

Gtr > Katana Amp > Line Out > Aeros In > Aeros Out > ?

You could choose to run the Aeros out into the Aux in of the amp, this would work likely!

Gtr > Katana Amp > Line Out > Aeros In > Aeros Out > Aeros Main/aux out > Katana Aux In > Speaker Out

When doing this it is critical before you put any signal through the amp that the live signal (Main input signal OR Aux input signal) does not go through the Aeros, only the loop playback. This can be edited in the routing settings in the device settings. Your amp will play the original live audio signal, the Aeros does not have to reproduce it.

We also will be introducing input controls very soon making it possible to have more power over input levels on the Aeros itself, but this is not yet ready.

You can also instead have:
Aeros > Amp in
BeatBuddy > Aux in

But you can’t easily have Aeros in running as a loop with the amp and also have the BeatBuddy running into the Aux in of the katana

You could do something like:

Gtr > Katana Amp > Line Out > Aeros In > Aeros Out > Aeros Main/aux out > Katana Aux In > Speaker Out
BeatBuddy Main/HP Out > Aeros Main IN/Aux In

Then make sure you do route the audio from the input the BeatBuddy is connected to the Aeros output connected to the Katana Amp and do not record the input the BeatBuddy is connected to. This can be set in the Aeros routing settings.

When you do this the BeatBuddy Audio will pass through the Aeros into the output going into the Katana and will not be recorded to the loops. Mind this may not sound perfect but will work. Be careful having BB/drum playback too loud as the low end could blow your amp. Guitar amps are not recommended for the BeatBuddy for this reason, along with the fact it will “color” the sound and not reproduce it accurately.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sorry I edited a bunch thought about it more and came up with solutions

Excellent information, I will give the these bits a try. I still have my KB 3 keyboard amp so I may use the Boss for the guitar and the KB 3 for the playback for the BB if thats possible.
Big thanks

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