Better sound on Beatbuddy mini2

I have a friend who owns a beatbuddy mini two. I feel that the cymbals sound better. They have a higher volume. Especially the rock drum set. Can I make my beatbuddy sound the same?

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Using BBM, check the wav velocity in the drumset. Might be able to increase volume there for an overall change or individually increase volume in each song (which obviously could be a pain).

Hi^ that is incorrect, the BB Mini 1 and 2 content cannot be edited or added to in any way. The only way to make use of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is with the big brother: The BeatBuddy.

I have the big brother, but I like the sounds of cymbals on the Beatbuddy mini 2.

Are you talking about the Accent hit cymbal? Or just the cymbals in general?

Whats the different?

Well, the accent hit can be changed if you go to the Main Menu and go to Footswitch > Accent Hit > Source > Global(must be selected) > Select to find the list of Accent hits. You can use the BBM to add any Wav file you’d like as an accent hit and also specify the default Accent hit for each song.

If you have issues with cymbals played in default content, the BeatBuddy has had a V2 drum set update, it’s possible you have not updated and that’s why you find it less than pleasant. You can find this here.

Let me know if this helps, thanks!

I have THE COMPLETE COLLECTION 2021. Do I have to update?


I´m talking about cymbals in general. The cymbals and bell are much lauder with BB mini. I have change to the highest 0,0, in Standard pro and Vintage Ludwig, but I am not satisfied.