Better support for setlists

I would like to see support for setlists implemented via a pointer or reference to the songs. Allow quick and easy creation of a setlist or setlist folder and adding song references. At a minimum, enabling drag & drop to copy instead of only move would save time but there is really no need for multiple copies of the same song in a project. The export & import to do this today is overly complex and time consuming. Would love to see something to address this. :slight_smile:

This is on The List!

This may be one of the most important features ‘yet to come’. Thanks JN99! After tedious tweaking to get intros, fills, tempos, drum kits, etc the only way I can think of (to create shorter set lists from the full evening set list for festival shows for instance) to ensure consistency is to export the folder then re-import it and juggle the lineup . Then of course the folder has to be trashed since it will be out-of-date for later use since more edits may be made and tracking is not possible.

Any indication of when this might be available?