Big Hard Sun

Can anybody help me figure out the drums for Big Hard Sun?

It’s a 3/4 beat, in the standard BB collection you won’t find a suitable beat for this one. you could make your own. In the ALL_IN_3-MEGA_PACK_drum_beats at SS, there are a lot more 3/4 beats, in All in 3 swung- acc on 2, the 3/4 Song 62- swung eights, could work for this song, rock drumset, 144 bpm.
It’s not exact but useable.

I’m not big sharer, because I don’t like to interfere with @GoranGrooves’s ability to make a living, but he doesn’t have this one, and it seems an unlikely candidate, so I’ll share what I have. Try: Big Hard Sun.sng (2.7 KB). It’s a little heavier than the studio version, much more like the live version.

Thanks so much! Very helpful!

Wow! Thanks so much!

Let me know how that works for you.

I love the tribal heaviness of it. I patterned after the live version and after a drummer I used to play with. Phil – regardless of the time signature – always had a natural sort of circular swing to his playing (if that makes any sense) that just made everything work. Spectacular, deep groove to his playing.

Every time I play this version of the tune, I channel Phil, and it always makes me smile.