Big log

One of my latest additions to my set list


Love it Jim! Beautiful guitar tone, great expression; this song made my morning - Thanks!

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Thanks Mike! Always loved this song.

Which drum beat are you using for Big Log?

It was pulled from a Midi of the song.

Love it, Jim. Both the singing and the playing. Did’nt know the tune, but dig it!

Inspirational :wink: Where did you get the midi for the song?

PS - Was all the parts played in BB or only the drums? The Violins and Bass?

Got the midi somewhere on line years ago. Everything except guitar and vocal is on BB.

Fantastic song and excellent cover Jim !

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Sorry for late response. Don’t come here often anymore. I gpt it off the internet and did a lot of editing. When a new BBM comes out, I’ll share it.

It’s from a midi i found.