Big shoutout to Beatbuddy support...

And a huge thanks for them going above and beyond anything I expected.

I had a noise issue with a pedal I bought from a guy (original owner) not sure if he knew about it or not, however it had a high level of background hissing noise even at moderate levels. I spoke with support about it and after trying all the tests they actully agreed to replace the unit with a new one! I was truly astounded (in a good way!) The original was bought by the guy in December 2015 so under our warranty laws (Australia) it was well past the obligatory time.

I just wanted to publicly post my sincere thanks and appreciation and to state I have never received such support from a manufacturer (for anything really) . Singular Sound really did go (voluntarily) way above what was expected. This is one of those extremely rare times that I can honestly recommened contacting a support team if you have issues! (The only other I can say this for is Brad from Cantabile)


And to add - the noise problem is gone! yay!

Thank you for reporting back with the terrific news! We are always glad to help! :slight_smile:

Nice one BeatBuddy support those are the things that make a difference and why I’m happy to recommend your product to fellow musicians

I agree that the Support Team is World class. When I was selling my BeatBuddy Mini, to move up the full blown BeatBuddy, I noticed one of the screws on the bottom had a stripped head. I bought it used and obviously the previous owner had tried to take the bottom off with the wrong size screw driver. I’m guessing he was thinking of doing a hack. I didn’t want to sell it with a stripped screw head, so I emailed support to ask if I could buy a set of screws. They wrote back within a day and asked how many I needed and said they would ship them to me free.

Wow - that is customer service!

It ended up that I found a set of identical screws at the local hardware store for almost nothing, so I emailed Customer Service and thanked them for the prompt offer, but told them I no longer needed the screws.