Black Friday

One for the veterans…

I’m considering the complete content pack for BeatBuddy. Black Friday is approaching… In previous years, have there typically been any lovely discounts from singular sound?

Usually they come up with something. If you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter, you might want to do so.

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I thought this was going to be a request for the drums for the song “Black Friday”.

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The previous poster has been reported for the link he posted, always be careful who you trust and what links you click.

Singular Sound front page says “Black Friday deals” … but doesn’t say anywhere what the deals are, and all the prices are exactly what they always where.

Am I being dim and missing something really obvious?

[quote=“kingofthejaffacakes, post:6, topic:21802”]
Am I being dim and missing something really obvious?
[/quoteHere’s the missing details:

We’ve just kicked off our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, here’s the scoop:

  • Get a FREE Cabli* with coupon: “GETAFREECABLI”
  • BeatBuddys are on sale for $279.99 AND receive a FREE footswitch with coupon: “BBFOOTSWITCH”
  • Get the BeatBuddy MINI 2 for just $115
  • Footswitches are $39
  • MIDI Maestros are on sale for an all time low of $229
  • And for the first time ever, the Aeros Loop Studio is on sale for just $550
  • These deals will last until Midnight EST on Cyber Monday, or while supplies last.

*Must pay shipping and handling if total order value does not exceed $49 (domestic) or $299 (international), limit 1 cabli


Thank you so much. You do sterling work.