Black Magic Woman - Cover

Hello ladies and Gentlemen. I came back to share with you my fresh cover.
All i do is, taking the midi file of the beat buddy and drop it to Cubase.
I do it because i wanted to have a good mix of the song as better as i could.
I recorded only the voice and the guitars leaving the drums, bass, keyboards and piano as midi.
I played some drum midi staff with the addictive drums plugin because the drums of the midi beat buddy file were poor. Then a lot lot lot of mixing. I hope you like the result…please leave your comments. Thanks for watching!


Very nice cover! Great tone and touch. Thank you for sharing.

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Good job! Nice tone on the guitar too. I was hoping that you’d go right into “Gypsy Queen”!

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:slight_smile: Thank you baron32gr . Glad that you like it. But i don’t think that i am so good for Gypsy Queen . xaxa

You’re welcome. Can I ask what effects you were using to get the Santana sound?

I am sorry for the delay baron34gr. I used to record since 2010 with vst plugins only. I have everything i need to copy or create any guitar sound and noise free. Now in 2020 it is difficult in the mix to recognize the difference between real amp in my opinion. The tech of simulation has reached high levels. If you want i can take some images of the plugin and sub-plugins i used and send you. The short answer to your question is that i used the Amplitube software and plugin. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Angelmus. I don’t know how to use plug-ins, I just use my real amp and stompboxes. My favorite box is the Yamaha Magicstomp, which is out of production for years, but it produces great sound. I just thought you may be using something similar so that I could get close to your sound. Thanks again.

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