Black screen after dropped on the floor

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I dropped my BeatBuddy on the floor and it stopped working. No matter how much I took the 9V power off and gave it back on, it always had a black screen. With a tester I looked at the tension and it was correct. So, since my BeatBuddy is already out of warranty, I opened it up to see what could be going on.
I removed the SD card and the 3 screws from the back and checked again if position A in the attached image had 9V voltage. And, indeed, it had 9V voltage.
I removed the 3 screws marked 1, 2 and 3 in the attached image very carefully. When trying to remove the printed circuit board, I realized that this board was the power board and that it was connected to the lower board (where the CPU is) by means of a connector. I didn’t even get it all the way out, just disconnected it from the bottom plate. So I put the power board back in place, carefully pushing a little where the connector with the CPU was (to the right of screw 3) until I heard a “crick”, which indicated that the connector had connected. (The connector isn’t seen in the photo because it is at the bottom of the power board).
I put the back cover and the screws back on and when I gave the 9V voltage it worked without problems.

I’m posting this for if I can help anyone.

If you open the pedal, do so at your own risk.