Black screen. No power.


In the friday night, my Beatbuddy stopped working during rehearsal. No power. Hope, the problem is with power supply, not with the main unit. I had no time to try another supply in music store yet and actually I have another supply at home-9V-1300mAh-center negative. I tried it with BB, but same problem. Maybe issue with the pins. It has longer and a bit thinner pin, than an original supply. I tried a BB supply with another pedal. It didn’t work. I have no voltmeter at home and my tech friends were not home in the weekend.
Anyway, I’m very frustrated, even so I have a gig in next friday with BB and this stuff is very addictive(love it) and invested a lot of money for it, libraries, cables, time etc.
So, if it turns out that the main pedal is dead, have some questions. In case of the worst thing(BB is dead and no warranty)what can I to try? I read some solutions on the forum. 1: Replace the SD card with backup files. I got the backup on my computer and my firmware was the last one. Is it enough to copy bacup files to new SD card? And what to do with my own constructed songs and setlists? Or 2: Try to hack the hardware with handy tech guy. Mean replace jack socket on the unit? Or something different? Please help.

Refreshing: tried another supply. No way. Same black screen. The original supply is dead. Can it happen that the supply killed the main pedal? I have read all the same topics on the forum, I tried reinstalling SD card, and other solutions, but nothing helped. Wrote an email to support. Still waiting for the answer. Any ideas?

Here are some tips while you wait for Support to contact you. It sounds like you’ve tried about everything you can however, not sure you tried to refresh the SD card contents which you will probably need to do. General guidelines are below.

[]Sync your SD card using your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) before you follow the steps from the next bullet
]Follow steps 5-10 from this link
[]Once you test the pedal with your BB power supply to see if it powers up with the refreshed SD card, then you can perform the remaining steps
]If it still doesn’t power up, you’ll have to wait for Support to contact you—check your e-mail spam and junk folders to see if the reply is in there
[]If Support determines that your power supply and pedal are still covered under warranty, you can follow all of the steps from the link above to restore the contents from your BeatBuddy Manager to your SD card
]Try using a power supply greater than 500mAh with your BeatBuddy—you may have damaged your pedal using the 1300mAh adaptor :confused:
[*]Try hacking the hardware to replace any of the pedal components until you find out what Support is willing to do for you

Thanks. Will try it. Still waiting for the support response.

I’m in a similar boat. Brand new pedal and lost power during the update. Won’t recover. Waiting for a reply from tech support.

Also, wanted to mention be careful using another supply. The BB supply connector pin is center-negative polarity which is not common.

Have you tried steps 5-8 from this link?

Center negative is quite common.

I got the new replace one already. The old one was absolutely dead and supply too.No reason. This new has a better supply, seems at least. Support was nice and quick. Hope not to have this problem again. Yes, the center negative is common. Seems, it’s sensitive unit. Will purchase some really good supply, but it’s hard because the pin is not common. Some pins are too loose, some of them are too long, so I need to try supplies in store with the unit. Or have a good quality adaptor and change the pin of the old dead one on it. I observed that BB doesn’t like too quick actions, particulary when I’m scrolling through songs or folders with footswitch, or when I want to start the song before the whole drumset isn’t loaded. It needs some quieter action(about one or two seconds). Anyway I plan to use all functions by footswitch or later with MIDI controller and place the main unit to stand, near hands and scrolling between songs manually. I think, it’s better to leave alone the main stuff and not tread it too much.

Oh, yes… And don’t forget some type of surge protector.