Black screen of death

I installed beta firmware 1.77 and things worked ok most of the time. It would randomly refuse to respond to midi song select and or select the wrong song. I could get about 50% accuracy. I thought maybe reinstalling the firmware would correct this and from the manager selected synchronize to Beatbuddy. The pop up said to use export to SD, so I inserted the card into the computer and the update seemed to be ok. On reinstalling the card to the device the updating firmware display alternated with no SD card. I let this run for about an hour and could get no other response. I took the SD card out for a retry and now the screen is black and no response.

I tried to download the win32 imager but it won’t install on my computer, windows 10.

Help please, I really like this device and want to continue to use it.

Have you tried starting fresh and copying the
[SIZE=5][FONT=Arial]SD Card Backup[/FONT] files back on to the card.[/SIZE]
Go to this link .

When you say you plugged the card into the computer and the update went OK . what do you mean ? because the update dosnt actually happen until you plug the card back into the BB

I updated the card from BeatBuddy manager. The file transfer went ok to the SD card. When I installed the SD card into BB is when the failure occurred.

If the firmware update failed and left you with a bricked BB, you need to contact bbsupport. There are a couple of good threads about how to recover a bricked BB so you might look for those as well. All is not lost.

Thanks, I sent an email to support.

Things are not going well. I have it boxed up ready to go back.