Black screen

Hello I recently tried to install update 185 loaded on to card off Mac all was going as it should then screen went white and now unit won,t come it is getting power Help thanks for any help Ron

Hi, Ronsr. Please try again.

  • put the SD card in your Mac’s slot reader and copy the firmware files to the card, replacing the existing files
  • power the pedal down and insert the SD card into your pedal and power it back on; allow the firmware update process to complete
  • if this doesn’t work, please update this thread and we’ll do some more troubleshooting and get you back up and running

It sounds like you need to run the power fix:

Tried it nothing on the screen still black

Is there a mac version of the power fix I am running 10.11.02 El Capitan

Yes, there is. Use ApplePi-Baker instead of the Win 32-Imager. You can download a Mac image (includes f/w 1.8.5) (SD Card Backup)

Cliffs Notes of the process

  1. Download both files from the links above.
  2. Open the No Name and save file to your desktop.
  3. Insert SD card to your Mac SD slot reader.
  4. Open ApplePi-Baker; in left pane select your SD card.
  5. Click Restore button and navigate to No Name Plus.img file (not the zip file); the thermometer will show you the progress–takes 2-3 minutes.
  6. Once you get the alert of Restore Done, use ApplePi-Baker to create a backup of your new SD card.
  7. Power pedal down; put SD card in your pedal; power pedal back up; let it complete the firmware update.
  8. Test. Restore foot switch settings.

If you need help, contact me @persist

Serial # BB0002991

Making progress now just can;t get it to stop it says stopped but keeps playing and Thanks for all your help

Up and running Thanks Ronsr

Good to hear.