Blank song listed but can’t be deleted or loaded

There’s a blank song ( no song file name) that can’t be deleted… no response when tapping trash can. It also won’t load… it freezes on the “loading” screen with the progress circle spinning.

Upon reboot there is a song named “song1” but eventually there is a blank song in the song list again after a while.

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Ok, I believe I know this bug already, as far as a way to remove the “ghost” song from your Aeros, I will get back to you, but for now, refrain from using any special characters in your song names. I believe either the ~ or _ you used will have created this issue.


Also fwiw, the / character could cause that and it should be avoided (obviously because it’s a path separator on unix-like systems), I stepped into that when trying to include time signature like 6/8 in the song name, ugh.

For me, the “ghost” song disappeared after a couple reboots, or I don’t know what exactly I did to get rid of it.