Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban

I build this beat on the Brushes Kit and I’ve attached a PDF of the lyrics, chords and BB notations I use.
Blue Triangle (play button): Fill In
Blue Numbers: Transition Fill (number indicates how many bars to hold it for)
Red “O”: Outro
Blue “P”: Pause
Red “A”: Accent
*asterisk on Chords: 1 strum and stop or hold


Hi, shawn814. You wouldn’t mind taking an extra step and uploading your latest efforts to Resources, would you? Makes it easier to search. Zipping the two files makes downloading easier. Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. I can zip the files if that makes it easier… but I don’t know what you mean by uploading to resources. Are we supposed to posting our creations to a the Resources area too? I’ve always just posted songs to these threads (lots of them).

I realize you’ve posted many songs in the open forum before (thank you for sharing), but please upload your creations to the Resources section of the forum.

How can I get this file please, (or any others in the user generated content area for that matter, this and the old site confuses the hell out of me)

Thanks in advance

Sorry I don’t come on the forum much anymore since they lost all of the files a couple years ago. The only way to get the old files that people had posted is to ask them to re-post. Here is the file that includes a PDF of the lyrics, chords and BB notations I use to navigate the song. I’ve also included the Tambourine samples and velocities in case you need to add it to your Brushes kit. HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Beatbuddy Notes/Symbols Legend:
Blue Triangle (play button) = Start/Fill In
Blue square with number = Transition Fill (number represents number of bars to hold the transition fill)
Blue “P” = Pause
Red “A” = Accent
*asterisk on chords = 1 strum and stop or hold

Blue Aint Your (582.5 KB)