Blues Songs

OK so I’ve been making some progress with my BB downloading kits, songs, this thing is pretty cool. I wanted to see if there are any tracks in resources that are just drums and bass so I can practice some soloing you know like Blues in Em Blues in A etc. etc. Just figured I’d ask before hunting and pecking my way though 108 pages :slight_smile: Thanks !

Go into Resources and search for blues. You still get a bunch of hits, but it’s a lot less than 108 pages.

Thanks Phil I had done that and found a couple just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything

Ok. To help you out, I just made up a kit, NP Rock with Bass 2-28. This is the Rock with Bass kit, but with the bass notes set as non percussion, so the note offs in the songs will work, and with the Bass from Drop D to 9th fret E on the G string. I normally make a bass 0-31, Drop C to 12th fret G on G, but here I’m just taking an existing kit.

Essentially what this does is that it gets rid of the keyboards, horns, etc, in any of my songs with those things. There may be an occasional bass drop out, if I had a bass part that went below low D, or up above that high E, but this will give you plenty of Bass and Drums only blues to play. Of course, if a kit used something that is mapped for 63-91 bass, like Standard Pro with Bass, use that kit.

Thanks Phil, still getting my feet wet with MIDI and the BB but this will push me along appreciate the help as always !
Any suggestions on learning resources for MIDI ?

Well, most of what I learned, MIDI wise, I picked up when I learned to use Cakewalk’s Sonar. Then went I went over to Garageband and Logic, just bought the courseware books for those programs and worked through it. What that doesn’t help with is learning how to send MIDI Commands to various piece of hardware. For that, usually the best thing is to just read the manual, and then look for a YouTube video to see how someone else did it. So, yeah, if you are using an Apple program, look for the Apple Pro Training Series book for that program. They can be pricey, but its a lot cheaper than taking a class. For PC programs, again, there are Pro level books that can get you into the nuts and bolts of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Unfortunately, I donated away all of my PC based ones. There is a MIDI book call MIDI for the Technophobe, which I am pretty sure is out of print. I find it useful when I get hung up on a concept. Its ISBN is1-86074-193-2, if you want to try to find a copy on the used book sites. If nothing else, it gets you into the jargon of midi.

Thanks Phil, Yeah I’m using Pro Tools 12.8 and also have EZ-Drummer 2. I really just started with recording about this time last year and still have plenty to learn. I’m hoping once my golf season ends up here ( New Hampshire ) I’ll have plenty of time when its 10 degrees out to immerse myself in all these new gadgets I have.

Phil found it on Amazon for $2.50 :slight_smile: be here next week