Blues with Stops

I’ll just call these stops but I guess technically I am referring to rests. It’s common in blues songs to stop the drumming while the count continues. Example below:

How do I handle this on the Beat Buddy?

Also if I have a track going on the Aeros how will that be affected?

At what time code does it happen?

You would have write a midi part with the stops. Take a look at what I just did with BB’s blues and you’ll get an idea.

Phil, trying to find your “BB’s Blues”. In “user generated content”?

Try looking in Resources >Song Files

OK. I had a look at your “BB Boogie” too. I hear the “stops” in the “pre-jam” section. So kind of “ghosting” the Bass Drum makes a lot of sense for this. If, however, I want to spontaneously add this type of break… Perhaps I could make this a second section, i’ve seen this where there is one section for Ride Cymbal and one for high hat. The only problem there would be the presence of a transition between the sections. I’d have to trigger the stop with an awareness that there would be a transition before the Ghosted Bass Drum only measure. Hopefully I make some kind of sense here…

Another thing. When you say “look at” The BB Blues Midi, I’ve looked at it in the BB manager Midi editor. That doesn’t tell me much at this point. I do have “Reason” would I be better off looking at it there?

You’d probably get a better look at it in Reason. Right click on a part in BBManager to get the option to export the part as a midi file.

I imagine you could make a part as:

Stab (rest, rest, rest) and have that as a 1 measure main loop. Then just build up a 1 measure drum fill to use as a transition.