Bluetooth Connection Issues...Help Needed

Looking for solutions…I have been having intermittent Bluetooth connection issues. I’m using OnSong to send MIDI song changes to Yamaha MD-BT01/Beatbuddy. I just updated the BT01 firmware and I’m using the latest iOS version. OnSong must be restarted for it to reconnect. As soon as I restart OnSong it reconnects.

I’ve had this issue for a few weeks now. During a 3 hour gig I will have to restart OnSong 3 to 4 times. I’ve been using it for years now and I’ve never had issues until now. It’s pretty embarrassing to start a song and it’s the wrong beat/song😳.

OnSong believe it’s an issue with Yamaha and how the BT01 handles MIDI signals… I just need it to work correctly!

It’s not the BeatBuddy…I own two BeatBuddies and both have the same issue. I bought a new BeatBuddy midi cord.

Midi Designer Pro started crashing on me after updating my iPad. Forum chatter seems to indicate an update to Apple CoreMidi is causing problems.

No issues here, I use the same device but I use UnRealbook.

If that’s the problem, I sure hope there’s a quick fix.

I have both AmpliTube (connected to my Blueboard) and the BT01 (connected to the BeatBuddy) utilizing Bluetooth. Only the BT01 has connection issues.

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