Bluetooth Midi from iPad (OnSong) to BeatBuddy

Anyone else using OnSong (on iPad Air 2) and a Bluetooth MIDI adapter on their BB?
I can’t get my Midi messages to work over the Bluetooth, I’m using a BM-A01 adapter (found on Amazon).
if i use my midi ‘cable’ from iPad to BB, that works!

Any tips be most appreciated.

I use UnRealbook, Yammie MT-B01 and have no issues at all

What iOS version are you using?
Did you select the right Bluetooth setting from onsong?

I’m using version 13.7 (iPad Air 2).
On the OnSong tutorials page for the BeatBuddy, one of their slides says must use an iPad3 but they don’t elaborate.

13.6.1 about to update…in Unrealbook (imo far better than Onsong, which I also own - as it has far less “moving parts” far less to go wrong.) all I do is set the data in the MIDI data File section, select the MT under the network, and that’s it. It just works. Every song that uses BB auto loads the kit, song, tempo and volume.

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Try these resources:

Basic Midi:
OnSong to Beat Buddy specific:

I think the problem is the midi bluetooth connector i’m using (BM-A01, by HWX Tech. Inc.).
Everything shows ‘connected’ in OnSong like in the video(s).
I confirmed my iPad-Air-2 is much newer than the iPad3 (as mentioned in the video).
I might have to switch to Unrealbook as @pax-eterna mentioned.

Thanks @pax-eterna - Will ‘Unrealbook’ let me send multiple midi commands for a given song?
for example: One for BeatBuddy, and another for Synthesizer App patch?

Eggy, it might very well be the actual device? I use the Yammie and have had no issues with either my iPhone or iPad.
Re the MIDI question, yes certainly…that is how I have it set. It sends a message to my synth (PC4) which then selects the multi I am using, and it also sends the data to the BB. I use two Yammie MD-BT01’s .
I also setup (when needed) MIDI “buttons” on the chart page which I can also set to any command so while “in song” I can send different things to the BB, EG send a volume change for a quiet section, or a drum kit change, or even a tempo change - of course you need a “pair” of buttons if you need to return to the main song again.

Onsong can do most of this stuff too, I just find the interface too cluttered, I do not like swiping up and down and it jsut seems too “busy” overall. But, the stuff I describe here can be done in it as well, WHICH gets me back to the earlier suggestion that perhaps it is the device??

I just got my MM today and I was able to connect directly to the MM bluetooth and send commands to my BB with my iPad works like a charm. Before the MM I was using a Quicco Sound Mi.1 and it worked pretty good.

In your iPad settings/ Bluetooth. If you see your BLE device listed click the “i “ symbol and choose “forget this device”. Now connect your device in your OnSong app.
The app Midi Wrench is a good app to connect BLE device and test them…even monitor your connection…

I agree with OnSong…too much going on…I been Using SongbookPlus for years and only 1 page to setup song midi send without going through all those Windows…

Here is the configuration I use with my beatbuddy and my Ipad Air 2 and it works without any problem.
Good luck