Bluetooth Midi with Playback app from Multitracks

Hi! So I love this pedal because it’s super beautiful and the backlit screens are essential for me in darker environments. However I am having some serious consistency issues with the pedal while using Bluetooth midis into an iPad running playback from multi tracks. I can’t seem to figure out why if I turn off or unplug the device after it’s done loading my custom modes that it no longer syncs with my playback midi. It’s like it’s sending no signal at all and the only way to fix it is to create an entirely new custom mode and sync that. Can anyone advise on why that isn’t working consistently? Also the Bluetooth “sending” is incredibly slow. I don’t want to return this device but I might have to if it doesn’t become more consistent.

Hi there,

Not clear the exact set up, but if you’re streaming MIDI clock from the iPad using Bluetooth, this will never work quite right. Bluetooth is not a reliable way to connect two devices that are in MIID sync, there is too much latency.

Unfortunately, even wired connections from the iPad have been reported to not work that well with clock.

In the end, this is why using a device like the BeatBuddy with the Aeros is so powerful

Thanks for the question, let me know if I misunderstood!

So the issue I’m having is that it works very well with no latency over Bluetooth. Latency isn’t really an issue for this program.

The problem is that it will be working fine on a Wednesday night rehearsal and it’s all synced up and is recognizing the midis over Bluetooth then when I get to a Sunday service its no longer recognizing the signal and the amount of things I have to do to get it to recognize a signal again is basically an entire rebuild.

Hey again,

Seems like an issue you need to forward to the app customer service and not here, Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to improve Bluetooth behavior from 3rd party devices. This is probably happening because your audience members all have phones with Bluetooth on, if I were to guess.

Hope you can figure it out!

that cant be it because its consistently connected to the device and this is before anyone but me gets in the building. how do i forward to app customer service?

I’m talking about the iPad application you are using, this bug does not have seem to have anything to do with the singular sound units, so we can’t really help here