Bluetooth monitoring transmission?


Just wondering if we have a chance to see it sooner or later.

I was about to buy in-ear monitors but my dealer remembered me that I need a Bluetooth transmitter. So I gave up.
But now I’m wondering if the Aeros could transmit a Bluetooth signal to an in-ear monitoring system.
I could also use my small Bluetooth speaker then.
I could save the aux stereo out (which I’m presently using for monitor) to send four tracks in total to my PC if I could have the return and clic only via Bluetooth. It’d give better mixing possibilities.
That’d be great!

I guess the problem, if even possible, would be the latency but who knows.

Still with Bluetooth, is an app to be expected on mobile phone or else to have an on-the-fly control on the Aeros?

Hey there,

Unfortunately, yes Bluetooth would produce an incredible amount of latency which will truly affect the quality of recording and playing back. The tech is just not there to support that kind of data transfer quickly enough to give a good basis for timing.

The Bluetooth feature is something we’re working on no clues here :wink:

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Might be good to update the FAQ on the Aeros page about this possible feature.