Bluetooth on by default

Hello, I just received my Midi Maestro, I have paired the MM with my Android phone fine, but my question is does it have to be paired every time I turn on the MM? The Bluetooth light only seems to come on after hitting the pair button. Is there a setting that I’m missing?



Bottom of p.5

I’m not sure if Android works differently since the manual references OnSong (an IOS-only app), but the problem is that Bluetooth isn’t turning on when I power on the MM - the blue light doesn’t come on and the only way for me to get Android with “Midi BLE connect” to see it after turning on the MM is to re-pair the device.

I’m an iOS user so perhaps another Android user will chime in and offer advice.

If they don’t, contact for help.

Yes the bluetooth go on only when you sync the Maestro

Ok, thanks.