Bluetooth suggestion!

I was thinking about what the bluetooth could do on the Aeros !

The line 6 Firehawk FX had a pretty nice feature, this gear could receive bluetooth sound from another bluetooth gear like a smartphone or tablet and could be playing trough the Firehawk .

Maybe a good idea to resolve the backingtracks importation
Just launch the song from your smartphone and let’s play and Jam
And to push more. Let the Aeros recording the bluetooth sound

But the question is . Could the Aeros do that ?

This isn’t much better than using Aux (or main In) today … and $9 on amazon gets you a BT receiver that you can plug into the Aux input if you want.

For importing/exporting/editing tracks, I think there’s a better feature we’re waiting that is better than using BT (or aux-in).

And forget about using BT for live tracking (input or output to headphones). That’s never going to work due to even the lowest BT latency available today.

While I’d love to see the Aeros use Bluetooth, Expression Input, and Wifi for more features, there’s are many more basic features of the device that I would prioritize over these.

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What’s your features that you would see?