Bo Diddley Beat

Here is a basic Bo Diddley Beat that was requested. This one uses a Low Tom as the feature notes. I’ve also included Tambourine (midi #54) and Cabasa (midi #69) to the Standard Kit which help to round it out. If you need the .wav samples of those two instruments, see some of my other posts (especially in the country beats section… I’ve uploaded them many times). Have fun with it!

I put a bunch of things together and come up with this final result on the “Bo Diddly Beat”. Let me know what you think about it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

How do you

How do I download it from the forum

Try clicking on Bo_Diddley_Beat_.sng[/URL] or [URL=‘’]Bo Diddley Beat - Low Tom.sng which are live links

Persist is right. All you have to do is click on it and it should download right into you computer. From there, pull it up and import it into BB Manager.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Nice job. Teaching my students the Bo-Diddley riff this week. This one will come in handy.

Great job! Sounds especially good with John Bonham Inspired kit, IMHO.

These links appear to be dead. Would you mind re-upping? Thank you! :slight_smile:

The fact that they’ve turfed all of our saved files is the biggest pain in the ass. I had originally uploaded everything I had created and I’m definitely not going through all of that again. With that said, I’m certainly willing to re-upload items that are requested. Sorry it’s taken this long… I haven’t been reading the forum in some time and now it’s changed. I’ll try to get to it this week sometime.

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Here’s the beat again. I’ve also included the .wav samples I use for the tambourine and Cabasa since those files are likely lost too. I’ve included 2 images that will show the velocities I’ve set the samples at in the Standard drumset.

Bo (739.3 KB)

Thank you so much! I, too, have not been using the forum as much since the changeover. I’m still having trouble logging in, so I’m not even sure how I was able to download it, but I finally got your BoDiddley beat loaded in my BB pedal and I LOVE IT!

I use my BB when I play 2 to 4 hour solo shows at bars, (4 hour shows require more than just singer/songwriter stuff). This BoDiddley beat is just what I need to get people dancing! Now I just have to learn some songs to go with it. (I Want Candy) THANKS AGAIN! :blush:

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