Bo Diddley on mini

Any suggestion on how to get a Bo Diddley beat on a mini?

I didn’t notice one on my quick run through of all the beats today - possibly another shocking omission like the lack of a train beat :frowning: ?

But there is a tractor chugga chugga :cool:

Which one is that? Quite the PITA to search though all 100+ :eek:

Eazy peazy. Search the forum for tractor and it’s the 3d one down.

This thread is about the MINI :slight_smile:

I have the Bo Diddley beat saved in my songs set up for Beat Buddy. What “Mini” device are you refering to? I would be glad to give the beat to you.
Sincerely, Fingestylepicker.

I have seen the video about the tractor beat. Pretty cool. That started a whole lot of downloads. There are all kinds of them out there now. They also make songs out of the old steam engine sounds too. Very funny, but loads of fun. Leave it up to a musician and he will make music out of something. I have a small washboard leaning up agains the wall in my music room. I also have the thimbles to go with it. Has anybody tried the “Comb & Wax Paper” thing yet? What about the Kazoo you used to get at the county fairs.
Music of any kind is the greatest.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Got it! My brain must have been asleep for a while.