Bobby McGee beats?

Not looking for a “song” I just want the beats so I can play it like a standard BB song, with me making the changes. I can find the song (as in a OP) but not just the beats.


PS: add Still The Same (Bob Seeger) to this as well. The other place keeps saying the words are too common to perform a search hahaha! and Bob Seeger comes up blank as well.

I don’t think Still The Same was ever posted. But, the corrrect search would be Bob Seger. For Bobby McGee, you could try my Boom Chick beat.

Thanks Phil. I’ll hunt it up.

Phil, that beat is fine, however I notice an odd thing, in BB Manager the transition fill plays correctly (?) at one bar, however on the BB it actually plays two bars (or twice??)…any ideas?


Could be the Cue Fills setting in your BB. If you hold the transition where the next measure has started, it may play the full next measure.

ahh, okay I’ll check that out, thanks…oops sorry it was not the transition it was the fill (the toms fills)

I use the Kris Kristofferson version that I downloaded from the old forum and its awesome!

thanks I’ll have a listen. I do usually do a more upbeat version, but hey, can always do something different haha!

In BBM, if you trigger just the toms fill, is it just one measure, or is it 2? I’m thinking I might have made the fill too long.

it runs for two measures Phil, but I just changed it to one in the editor…had a play with that and altered the beat a bit, added a snare or two haha! Just thought I’d give you a heads up on it is all.


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Thanks. Yeah, I thought I made the fill 2 measures. It works for a lot of boom chick stuff, but you always find times when it should be changed up. I’m glad you were able to edit it to your liking.